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Chapter 8 Reading Guide

8.2 Introduction

How can self-portraits express identity?

8.3 Individual vs. Cultural Groups

How did the time period of Romanticism support individuality and creativity?

How were works of art created through the Medieval to Baroque periods In Europe?

8.3.1 – Nation

How can art convey the identity of a nation?

8.3.2 – Cultural Heritage and Ethnic Identity

What is an important aspect of cultural and ethnic identity?

What is identity according to Christian Ellers?

What is ethnicity according to Christian Ellers?

What is culture according to the American Dictionary?

How can art reflect a group identity?

8.3.3 – Sex/Gender Identity

How can art reflect sex and gender identity?

How does concepts of gender vary around the world and throughout history?

8.3.4 – Class

How can art share and communicate class identity?

8.3.5 – Group Affiliation

How can art reflect group affiliated identity?

8.3.6 – Personal Identity

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