as a team add to your project plan started at task 1 by answering six questions on competitive advantages determine resources and identify the stake holders design an infographics with all information so far

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To complete this task:

  1. Read the article by Kapiki, Quality Management in Tourism and Hospitality: an Exploratory Study among Tourism Stakeholders at…
    1. What tools are available for measuring quality service?
    2. What is the Five Gap Model?
  2. Read Hotel Business Plan at While this is specific to a single hotel, try to apply it more broadly to your overall project. You will still need the various components listed in the plan.
  3. With your team begin to determine what your focus will be for the project. This will then allow you to determine your stakeholders and resources.
  4. Investigate competitive advantage. Remember, your project should bring financial strength, sustainability, and jobs to the route you have chosen. At the same time it needs to make a profit for you as a company. Otherwise, you will not be able to sustain or grow to have a more profound influence. Use the six questions in the article to complete this task.
  5. Design a graphic representation of your project so far including location, stakeholders, resources needed, and elements for competitive advantage. See the infographic at for ideas. For more information on making infographics go to:

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