Ashford University ?models of Human Development Erickson Piaget and Freud Paper

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I’m stuck on a Science question and need an explanation.


A. Elevator Pitch- If you were on an elevator and had 30 seconds with someone to
explain each of these theoretical concepts, what would you say?
B. Practical Application:
i. You are a professional in YOUR field and have been asked to work with a 9-year
old boy. As you begin working with the individual, you begin to realize they are
shy and disengaged, lacking the social skill-set to converse one-on-one. Upon
further investigation, you realize this 9-year old is severely delayed in their
gross motor skills when trying to manipulate anything with their hands.
1. Based on this case-study and WITHOUT prescriptive actions to correct,
how would each of the BIG THREE describe the mental and physical
characteristics of this child? Be specific.
2. With or without regard to this specific case-study, which of the
theoretical models reviewed in this chapter makes most sense to you or
you are more attracted to and WHY? Be specific.

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