assess behavioral disorders present in intercollegiate athletics

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Advisors for the student-athlete should be familiar with the symptoms and challenges of the clinical disorders their athletes may encounter. For this assignment, you will prepare an analysis of the most common clinical disorders facing student-athletes today. The examination that you present should be geared toward the personnel who work directly with the student-athlete. You should explain the pertinent disorders with percentages of both male and female student-athletes, provide a description of what you have observed through your research, and suggest specific strategies for assistance to student-athletes with behavioral disorders. Lastly, write a proposal detailing how you would build a model for assistance options in an intercollegiate athletic department.

Include the following in your paper:

  • Types of behavioral disorders associated with the student-athlete
  • Behavioral disorders more prevalent among male student-athletes
  • Behavioral disorders more prevalent among female student-athletes

Length: 5–7 pages

References: Minimum 3–5 scholarly resources.

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