Assessing Organizational Issues

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In this assignment, you will discover the large variety of issues that are encompassed under the umbrella of OB. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attempt using OB theories to correct or mitigate common organizational issues.

Using an organization you are familiar with—current or past employer, social or professional organizations—select two organizational or group-level problems (not at the individual level) you have observed.

Using peer-reviewed articles that can be found on the University online library resources, the readings for this module, and the Internet, respond to the following:

  • Clearly state the issues and describe the pertinent parameters associated with the issues, providing relevant details about the context and specifics of the situation. For example, if the problem involves ineffective teamwork, provide details about the team, such as the nature of the team’s task and composition of the team (was the team cross functional, virtual, etc.).
  • Describe the impact on both the organization and the workers.
  • State why you think these issues exist.
  • Recommend approaches that might be taken to correct these two issues.

Note: At the heart of an industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologist’s job is to both diagnose organizational problems and to find solutions. As you proceed through the program, you will learn how to conduct I/O interventions. IO6412 IO Techniques for Organizational Development and Assessment is focused on this aspect of the field. You are not there yet, so just do your best on this part of the module’s assignment—this will require library research. Effort counts.

Write your initial response in approximately 400 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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