Assessment # 3 Instructions

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Assessment # 3 Instructions

Disaster Risk and Awareness Self Assessment:

Students will assess their living and occupational situation in terms of potential disaster. This assignment will be 2-4 pages long and written in complete sentences with demonstration of critical thinking and effort. Your paper should follow an organized format using the sections below as subheadings. Please provide citations for the sources of your information (if used).

Please respond to the following questions in paragraph form:

I. Residence(Fort Lauderdale, Florida): In this section assess your geographical living situation

• Do you live within 20 miles of a nuclear reactor; one mile or less from the

beach; one mile or less from a highway or railroad track, in a high rise dwelling (more

than 4 stories); in a high crime area; etc….

Thoroughly assess the above areas in addition to any more that you may find.

II. Sociometrical living situation:

Are you living with and/or responsible for small children, elderly or disabled;

cherished pets; if so please elaborate…

III. Assess your occupational situation:

Do you work with or intend to work in a helping capacity or professional role

with vulnerable populations such as children, elderly or disabled; mentally ill, medically

challenged, new immigrants. Please elaborate….

IV. Assess your strengths:

What are your strengths: communication skills, temperament, medical skills, mental

health education, survival skills and training (boating, swimming, wilderness) that might

serve you well in an emergency/disaster?

V. Personal Disaster Plan

In this section please assess your personal risk for house fire and natural disasters (such as a hurricane).

A. Briefly outline your personal disaster plan for a fire

B. Briefly your personal disaster plan for a natural disaster

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