assignment 2450

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The following student learning outcomes of the course are in this continuous assessment tool:

Identify environmental forces that affect company’s ability to serve its customers.

Analyze consumer markets and consumer buying behavior

Description of the Tool

I. Write about environmental forces that affect company’s ability to serve its customers

II. a. Discuss the consumer markets behavior.

b. Discuss the consumer buying behavior

III. explain the main characteristics of consumer culture in Oman.

Submission Instructions:

Use A4 size paper

Use Times New Roman 12 font size with double (2) line spacing

About 1500 words

Use first page of assignment as cover page to submit your work

Multiple pages must be stapled at top left corner

Late submission is subjected to deduction of 2 marks per delayed day

Use APA Style of reference for the resources used

Student will be served with academic warning in case of submitting plagiarized work.


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