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I have assignment about (BUSINESS STUDIES DEPARTMENT) I want answer for each question on one page at least

Question 1. You are working for Bahwan Tours and Travels, and you are the organizer for Umrah packages, one older man visited your office and wants to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Due to the present crisis, “Covid19 pandemic,” you cannot take him for Umrah.

a. Explain the older man in detail about the current crisis the world is facing and the reason why he cannot perform Umrah now. Prepare a hypothetical face to face conversation regarding the situation that will end in a good result.

b. Prepare an email to all the valued customers regarding the operation of the company during the COVID 19 pandemic on traveling outside Oman, particularly to Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah

Question 2. You cannot write the coming final assessment of the second semester for the AY 2019 to 2020, due to sickness. In this regard, a. Write a formally structured email to the HoD of Business Studies regarding your condition. Copy the same to the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Bcc to the Dean of the College. (Use the college website to know the names of people to whom you are writing this email, names should be accurate to get full marks). b. After writing an email, prepare an outline of a telephonic conversation with the HoD explaining your condition and why you should be given an excuse. The discussion should end in a positive note.

Question 3. The garbage around the college premises is scattered all over. The surrounding residents are throwing /dumping garbage every day. The area has become stinky, and the bad smell is reaching the classrooms. Based on the hypothetical situation: a. Assuming you are the Dean of the College, write a letter to the Director of Municipality for General Services and Maintenance complaining to him about his ground staff who is not cleaning/clearing, copy the same to the Minister of Municipality (take his name from the search engine). b. Prepare a letter to the Dean of College regarding the above situation to resolve the issue. In both letters, cover all the important elements of business correspondence.

Question 4 Your brother, after finishing his engineering studies, has recently started a new manufacturing unit. He never studied Business communication; that’s why he doesn’t know anything about meetings. As you are studying business communication, he approached you to understand about meetings. a. Explain to him in detail about meetings, minutes of meetings, different styles of meeting arrangements, etc. Prepare a sample meeting agenda and minutes of meetings regarding COVID 19 pandemic safety arrangement at the workplace to convince your brother. b. Your brother also wants to know about reports, explain him in brief about reports. Prepare a sample report regarding issues related to the adherence to government guidelines during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Question 5 After finishing your studies, you have joined one of the leading manufacturing companies in Oman. As you told in the interview that you had studied the subject, business communication in the college, your boss asked you the following points in the department meeting. Explain to him in detail. a. The legal and ethical aspects of corporate business communication in the context of the current global business environment, i.e., during the COVID 19 pandemic and its aftermath. b. How teams are monitored and evaluated regularly

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