Assignment History

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Question 1.

For Chapter 9, Think about how the American landscape is changing (politically, socially, technologically, and geographically). There are tremendous changes taking place as a result of this “market economy” that is really starting to reach new heights during this period. The country will be more interconnected during this period as a result of engineering and changes in infrastructure. Some of these changes will impact the way Americans will be communicating in the coming years. Write a letter to a loved one as if you were living in this period. Please be sure to tie in who you are, where you come from, and some of the changes you are witnessing the country go through. What are some of the changes you are reading about in newspapers, or hearing about in town gossip. Have fun with this assignment, but this should also create a wide spectrum of responses, depending on who you are (class), where you are writing from (geography), and what you see (society).

Book Name (Give Me Liberty!: An American History. Fifth Ed. Vol. I by Eric Foner) uesd for this question

Question 2

This assignment will require you visiting San Diego’s mission church.

You could go to another mission if you would like (San Juan Capistrano). The missions

throughout California provide an excellent opportunity to see first-hand, some of the

important themes and architecture relevant to American, and California history. There is

a museum exhibition in each compound with some excellent artifacts, in addition to other

parts of the mission that are historically rich. Do you find any of these works/exhibitions

particularly interesting? Why, or why not? What did you learn about mission history,

California history, and U.S. history. I hope you enjoy yourself at the mission, learning its

history and taking the time to think about the period in which some of these complexes

were created. Think of the central motives as to why they were built up the California

coast, and the rest of Alta California.

Please submit a

500-750 word write-up

(12 font/double spaced) based on your

visit to the mission you visit. Do not hesitate to include your own perspective/opinions on

what you see. What you liked, or did not like. What historical information could we

gather from these works of art/architecture. Does the mission tell us anything about

California history. Please include specific information pertaining to what is on view.

Please share a pic/selfie confirming you were there (inside the mission).

Different Question is not together .

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