ASU Science Observation and Interview Discussion

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Write a 525 the observation and interview. Include the following in your paper:

A comparison between both the lower primary and upper primary teachers and their methods

Document your observation time in My Time Log.

Include a title page for all assignments! Also, organize your paper with headings, double-space, use 12 point Arial or Times Roman font and follow APA format.

Submit your assignment.


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  • Questions
    for Teacher Observation on Lesson Implementation
    Use the following questions to guide your observation and
    teacher interview.

    1.What evidence do you see that indicates the teacher had created a
    plan for this lesson?
    2.Does the teacher communicate the objectives and expectations of the
    lesson to the students? If so, how?
    3.How does the teacher gain the students’ attention for the lesson?
    4.Are students working individually, in pairs, or in groups? Describe
    their activities.
    5.Do the activities address different learning styles and the diverse
    needs of all students? If so, how?
    6.Did the teacher use any technology tools or resources to support the
    instruction? If so, how?
    7.What evidence of classroom management strategies do you see?
    8.How did the students respond to the lesson?
    9.How did the teacher address any problems that arose during the
    10.Has the teacher included an assessment activity? If so, describe it.
    other evidence do you note that indicates students are learning the
    concepts of the lesson.

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