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New earth mining, accounting homework help

Description Then, after doing the assigned text reading, read the HBR case study Evaluating the Organization: New Earth Mining, Inc. This case study can be located in your custom textbook/case study bundle. In your initial post, describe the most important quantitative and qualitative information for understanding this case, and explain where that information comes from.

Ethics and Construction Costs Case Study

Description Review case study C10-7 (“Ethics and Construction Costs”) in Intermediate Accounting: Reporting and Analysis. Imagine that you are the accountant approached by the CEO in this scenario. How would you reply to the CEO? In your post, consider the following: Are there any issues or concerns from a financial reporting perspective? Are there any […]

(TCO H) On January 2,

Description (TCO H) On January 2, Year 1, Logan Co. purchased a manufacturing machine for $864,000. The machine has an 8­year estimated life and a $144,000 estimated salvage value. Logan expects to manufacture 1,800,000 units over the life of the machine. During Year 2, Logan manufactured 300,000 units. Instructions:  Calculate the Year 2 depreciation expense […]

MOD 2-SLP-Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Description Complete question in the attached document… Second part of the presentation. See background information for the Module 1 SLP. Required: Include the following items in your presentation: What about special pricing for some markets or customers? Determination of customer profitability. Show effect on revenues and profitability based on stated assumptions. Potential advantages and disadvantages, […]


Description “Financial Statement Accuracy” Please respond to the following: Identify the key steps in the closing process that provide the most opportunity to make mistakes in processing account transactions. Make at least two (2) recommendations for improving the accuracy and reliability of the information in the gaps that you have identified. Justify your response.

Calculating NPV-NPV Projected) X 10%

Description I am supposed to assume that the actual cash inflows turn out to be $91,000 per year versus the real value calculated which was 100,000.  Determine the amount of Mr. Holt’s bonus if the original computation of net present value were based on $90,000 versus $70,000.  This is the question I need help with.

ACT470 CSU Global MOD6 Accounting Reportable Segment Identification Paper

Description Option #1: Reportable Segment Identification A company has five business units that may be reportable as business segments. Data for these entities is as follows: A ($000)B C D E Sales $621 $853 $1,237 $2,832 $4,720 Profit 103 (218) 832 1.337 (583) Assets 1,200 2,780 2,324 4,280 8,321 Submission Requirements: Using the ACT470_Mod06-Option01.xlsx Excel […]

UOP Company Corporate Strategy Discussion

Question Description I’m studying and need help with a Accounting question to help me learn. Discuss how a company’s internal environment might affect the development of the corporate strategy. Include product life cycle, personnel, and organizational structure in your discussion as these components must receive consideration for success of any strategy.

ACC308 SNHU Mod 5 Pro Forma Financial Statements Accounting Workbook

Description For Milestone Two, which is due in Module Five, you will create pro forma financial statements, notes to the financial statements, and develop a report for management explaining the impact of pro forma financial statements on the company’s expansion plans, implications of inventory costing, contingent liabilities, and revenue recognition. In your management analysis brief, […]

Professional Associations for User of QuickBooks, accounting assignment help

Description Professional Associations for User of QuickBooks” Please respond to the following: Research associations / organizations designed to support users of QuickBooks (e.g., NACQ). Identify the associations / organizations you found in your research and briefly summarize the intent of each. Then, generally speaking, discuss the key benefit of belonging to such associations / organizations from […]