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Dose online Advertising works ?

ASSIGNMENT: You are an Advertising Research Specialist. I am your client. I have been approached by a good customer (mine, not yours) about buying an expensive contract of online advertising. I’ve heard a great deal about how powerful ads online can be, and I’m interested. I’ve got a good website, and I use FacebookTM and […]

Criminal Justice Case Analysis

Write an analysis for each scenario below. See the Case Analysis Instructions for further information about completing the assignment. 1. During class on Wednesday, while showing a movie, Professor saw smoke and smelled odor of marijuana from the back of the class. When she turned the lights on, she could not tell who had been […]

Operations Management Discussions

Discussion – 1.1 Productivity is measured by taking the output of the process and dividing it by the input: P = output / input . Please watch this video: Google Productivity or link at: about Google’s workplace and processes and discuss how Google maintains such high productivity and innovation in its business. Be sure to […]

Paper about Fascism in Italy

Write a 3-page (750-word) connection and response essay. Use quotations sparingly; cite appropriately. Please use Times New Roman font size 12, with 1-inch margins, and include a cover page. You do not need to specifically “answer” these questions in your essay. This is not a comprehensive list of thoughts or questions, and does not need […]