Balanced Scorecard Presentation

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Balanced Scorecard Presentation


Create a 5–10 minute recorded presentation, detailing the results of the balanced scorecard analysis and making recommendations for quality improvement and risk reduction. Your presentation material should be 10–12 slides in length.


Questions to Consider:

  • What is the overall purpose of using a scorecard?
  • How are scorecards typically used in business?
  • What positive potential do scorecards add to organizations?
  • How would you frame a balanced scorecard for use in health care?
  • What are the four key elements of a balanced scorecard?
  • What does the term balanced scorecard mean?
  • What types of limitations do scorecards have?
  • How does Six Sigma differ from a balanced scorecard?


PowerPoint Slides

To complete this assessment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides that describes how you would apply a balanced scorecard to your selected organization. Include the following in your PowerPoint presentation:

  • A brief description of the organization you selected.
  • Your balanced scorecard analysis of the organization, including how vision and strategy connect to the four balanced scorecard elements.
  • Four recommendations for the organization.
  • At least one APA-formatted in-text citation and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted reference.


Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard

The following reading is available full-text in the Capella University Library. Search for each article by clicking the linked title and following the instructions in the Library Guide.

Balanced Scorecards

This article discusses how managers work with the balanced scorecard.

This article discusses the importance of balanced scorecard performance systems.

This article chronicles the evolution of BSC performance management framework.

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