based on the reading and proposal to writ an phil essay like the sample format

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Prompt and based one the proposal to writ an essay with reading the textbook.

The first file is the textbook. And the second one is the common issue for the essay. The third one is the sample essay but different topic. Please writ like that. Please check.

(2C) Advance an objection to one of the following: the Conjoined Twins Argument, the Body Swap Argument, the Blackout Argument, or the Fission Argument (ch. 5) (page 78 – 99)

(2D) Advance an objection to the Against Fearing Death argument (ch. 6) (page 100 – 109)

Proposals for Prompts 2C and 2D

The Conjoined Twins Argument

Korman points out that the separation of conjoined twins is necessary. He argues that it is ethical, that it is essential and vital in saving lives and to allow for leading healthy lives by the initially conjoined twins upon separation. Korman argues that separation of conjoined twins is good and, as such, is a strong testament to modern medicine and what it has to offer. That this is a strong testament to modern surgical procedures and medical expertise of the present and that of the future (Cummings, 2018).

However, I would object to Korman’s views and opinions on this matter. Contrary to Korman’s argument, I would argue by broaching the ethical question that exists during this procedure. I would object by saying that the procedure would result in the death of one twin, instead of the two, seeing as vital organs are shared. To Korman’s argument that at least a life would be saved, I would reply that it is not within our control to alter nature’s course. I would argue that ethical standards are something that should be held in regard, and I would object to the separation as ultimately, more likely than not, it would mean that onlan not it would mean that only one life is saved in the process.

The Against Fearing Death Argument

Korman has views and is the opinion that the fear against death is justified. That there should be that credible and substantial fear of death. As per Korman, death deprives individuals of the future promise of life and its prospects. I would object to Korman’s views and argue that death is a normal aspect of life. That there is no need to fear a regular aspect of what we will face as humans. I would reply that death is an eventuality that awaits everyone. It is the life that we lived that will in turn be remembered and as such, there is no need to fear this eventuality.

– do not use outside source

– 1000 – 1400 words.

– make your own argument, try to convince people.

– writing must after understanding the textbook.

– include a word count at the beginning of your paper

– your are permitted to use outside sources (other than the textbook) when writing your papers, but you don’t need to and do not recommend doing so.

– must include the citation of the textbook.


– comprehension(40%)

– Critical Development (25%)

– Clarity and Precision (15%)

– Grammar, Typos, and Organization (10%)

– Philosophical Tools (5%)

– Following Instructions (5%)



Section 1: Introduce your target and state your thesis

– Identify your topic

– State target argument

– Motivate each premise

– State your Thesis

– Give an outline of your paper

– using the first person “I will argue…”, “My first objection is that..”

Section 2: Present your argument

– Challenge a premise, not just the conclusion

– Give reasons for denying the premise

– How much objections?

– Using labeled indented arguments?

– Originality

– Finding a Topic

Section 3: Anticipate and address objections to your argument

– Be charitable

– Advance the discussion

– Address the responses

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