Basic Environmental Technology homework help

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Write an essay consisting of at least 500 words addressing ALL of the following topics (a. through i.):

  1. Mention two states in the U.S. that receive 50 to 75 inches of rain annually.
  2. Describe the hydrologic cycle.
  3. During a particular storm, 1.8 inches of rain fell over an area of 10 acres. What was the rainfall volume in acre-ft? Show your work.
  4. In the hyetograph in Figure 3-5 of our textbook, what is the rainfall intensity 15 minutes from the beginning of the storm in inch/hour?
  5. If a news service mentions that a 50-year storm caused recent flooding along the Mississippi River, what is the probability of that storm occurring in any given year (express your answer in percent)?
  6. Explain the concept of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves including why they differ from location to location.
  7. Describe the watershed where you live.
  8. Perform an Internet search, and provide a website that shows a hydrograph for a river in the state of Iowa. What is the maximum flow (also known as discharge and flow rate) shown on the graph?
  9. Provide a typical permeability coefficient of salty sand. Why is it more permeable than clay?

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