Begin writing the body of the report. Paper on Project Management

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NOTES FROM PROFESSOR- Exploratory Business Research-Based Report

Generally, research papers prepared for classes such as this are exploratory; hence, the purpose of this research paper is to learn more about a business topic presented in the textbook (Project Management). Follow the business report format found in the Webliography. A copy of a formal business report is also located in Doc Sharing. (I will send you this as an example. It is not on my topic but it will give you an idea of what she is looking for).

There are two approaches to choosing a topic for this research report. One way is to make a proposition. A proposition is a statement supported by research. The second way is to formulate a research question, i.e. ask a question that can be answered through research.

Begin writing the body of the report.

Use the outline and notes from Part 2 to prepare the first draft of the body of the report. Add additional scholarly sources as needed.

Write the first draft of the body of the report.

Part 3 Deliverable: Submit the draft of the body of the report for grading on or before the due date.

Don’t forget your cover page and reference list.

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