big data database

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Final Project

  1. Deliverable is a presentation describing:
    1. Research Question
    2. Data Used
    3. Cleaning/Prepping needed
    4. Visualization
    5. Answers to Research Question
    6. Lessons Learned

Point Breakdown:

10 – Student Shows Understanding of Data

20 – Student Answers research question or explains why an answer was not possible

20 – Student Cleaned data and placed in a database or spreadsheet

30 – Student Visualized Data using appropriate visualization for the research topic

10 – Student Presented data in a clear manner

10 – Student followed project guidelines: Students will use two or more different data sources to answer a research question not readily known by looking at the data independently. Students will research data, ETL data from source location into a database of students choosing. Students will clean data, analyze and create a visualization or infographic. Students will then present to the question and visualization that explains the answer.

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