BMCC Prevalence of Burnout Risk Among Emergency Nurses During COVID 19 Pandemic Paper

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Topic of Interest Overview Guidelines


The purpose of this assignment is for the student to:

Demonstrate their ability to identify a topic of research interest

Choose one relevant and recent quantitative research study related to their topic

This study will serve as the foundation for the Critique of Research Study Assignment


Student will identify an area of interest related to their future nursing practice

AGPCNP / Nurse Education

Student will provide a brief 1-page word document which provides an overview of this topic and appropriate reference page

A fillable Word document is provided

The assignment is to be typed and submitted to the appropriate area within the course Canvas shell by the due date

Student will choose one relevant quantitative research study which meets the following criteria:

relates to your area of interest

utilizes statistical methods

published within the last 5 years in a peer-reviewed journal

the first author of the study is a nurse

Student will include a PDF version of their article in their assignment submission

  • A fillable Word document is provided separately for your convenience.  You can use this template to simply input the required information directly onto the document.


Identify the Problem:  In this section identify the problem that you are interested in exploring via a literature review search.  Briefly define the topic and identify why this problem is important to healthcare and to your nursing practice. Provide appropriate in-text citations which will then appear in the Reference section.

  • Identify your Chosen Quantitative Article:  provide APA citation of your article and state why you chose this article

Provide PDF version of your chosen quantitative research article

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