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Brand Management, (2500 WORDS)

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:

1. Critically appraise contemporary key branding theory and concept.

2. Critically evaluate their impact on brand management practice.

The Assignment Task :

Assume that you are a Brand Manager in any international organisation of your choice and are tasked to develop and execute a branding programme to build awareness and create demand. You are also expected to evaluate the challenges that will be faced by the company considering changes in the environment. You are required to write a 2500- word report that covers that requirements below:

1. Discuss the challenges and importance of brand management and critically evaluate its implication to the organisation. (LO 2)

2. Illustrate the impacts of brand management as practised by the organisation. (LO 1).

This is how the body of the report should be:

1. introduction

a. Background of the organisation

b. Objective of the assignment

2. Brand Management Application

a. Identify and discuss two(2) brand equity characteristics as applied in the organisation.

b. Analyse the implication or impacts of the two identified brand equity characteristics as a measure of their influence in consumer purchasing or brand choice.

3. Brand Management Practice

a. Identify and discuss two brand extension principle employed by the organisation.

b. critically evaluate the two brand extension principles identified above as a measure of their influence in consumer purchasing or brand choice.

4. Conclusion: Summary of discussion

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