british films

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Answer Two of the following questions in 1500 words each section (Meaning 3000 words in total). You Must reference based on 1 British, English or more if comparing, preferably the one mentioned in the question. The two answers should refer the film and the analysis of eg characters, plot, settings, and most importantly the value. Include 2-3 references using HARVARD or MHRA with footnotes.


– Analyse the ways that Pawel Pawlikowski’s film The Last Resort engages with images of transience to convey the exilic and migrant experience.

– Analyse the role that realism plays and the form that this realism takes in Launder and Gilliatt’s film Millions Like Us.

– Paying attention to matters of historical and personal context, analyse the way dystopia and trauma manifest themselves in Derek Jarman’s audio-visual tone-poem The Last of England.

– Analyse the construction of India in Powell and Pressburger’s Black Narcissus.

– With reference to any ONE British film of your choice, analyse how any ONE of the following categories is constructed in the context of Britishness:

  • • Masculinity
  • • Sexuality
  • • Landscape
  • • History
  • • Class
  • • Race

– In the context of British Cinema, analyse some of the critical problems that are inherent in the concept of ‘national cinema’.

– With reference to any ONE British film of your choice (whether screened on the Unit or not), analyse the ways in which landscape is represented and explain how this relates to the film’s awareness of national identity.

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