business analysis part 2 1

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Learning Outcomes:

• Apply statistical analysis tools to evaluate data.

• Interpret statistical results, apply to decision-making, argue a decision, and write a report.

Managers/Leaders need to understand how data increases their ability to link information, performance, and strategy more effectively to make sound decisions. By identifying how business processes and operations link to data, organizations can turn that data into information that can be used for decision-making purposes. For instance, many organizations use different sources of information for planning, trends analysis, and managing performance. For the final part of the project, you will see the significance of decision making in relation to data analysis.

For this section of your paper, present your findings from the data you have collected, and discuss what this information means as a Manager/Leader. Also, be sure to speak to what decisions can be made based upon this output, and identify any gaps that may be present. If there are gaps, would a qualitative study help the decision-making process, or do you need to consider more data inputs? Be sure to defend/justify your reasoning with critical analysis, and academic sources where needed. Remember, it is important to use thought leaders work to add credence to your own analysis to defend your own analysis.

Be sure your paper is written with 6th edition APA guidelines, and should be at least 6 pages in length (excluding the title and reference page). Click Play Click for more options

to listen to additional information regarding the Business Analysis Part 2 assignment: What I wanted to do is I wanted to offer a little bit more information about the Business Analysis part two paper. So at this point time when you sit down to write the paper, you have your data that’s already collected, and so you presented the test and the justification of why you would use that test in Week 4.

This week is about, you’ve collected the data, so what does it mean? And as a manager leader what decisions can you make with this data that you have in front of you? So, let’s say that you’re completing a corporate strategy vision plan, is this enough data to help you move forward in the direction four or three or five year of corporate strategy plan? Or do you need additional data inputs? And if you do need additional data inputs, what are those, what do they look like, how do you get that information and its cross-functional going to another department, how do you go about doing that? If you need qualitative research to help support the attitudes of the employees, and where they think that they need to go as you’ve included them to build the vision and mission statements, how do you go about doing that? And what’s the importance of that data and what does that mean to help compliment what you’ve already gathered? So, really what this paper is about is looking at the position that the data puts you in and what else do you need, and what other data inputs? And you have to go about justifying how to do this? And be sure that you look at other thought leaders as you incorporate their information into your paper to help get credence or justification for why are you doing what you are doing, or why you’re proposing what you think you need to do.

This is just a guide and my students find this helpful in writing their paper.


Business Analysis Findings and Managerial Decision Making

Objective of the Study


Discussion of Results

Impact on Decision Making



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