Business analysis

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Recall the scenario you used for previous assignments. (This will either be the Cafeteria Ordering System case example or a business problem scenario that you created). Keep in mind that you will be expected to continue to work with your chosen scenario in future assignments, including your final project.

For your assignment, develop a Requirement Change Form for this project:

  • Specify header information (project information, submitter and other contact data, dates, etc.).
  • Define the change description information needed. Collect business need (not solution) data, and categorize the change as new or some modification to an existing requirement.
  • Document other information needed for analysis, such as the expected value of the change, magnitude of the change (define categories of impact and cost), consequences expected if the change is or is not approved, possible alternatives to the change, work supporting the change and analysis already completed, or other data.

Be specific in defining your form to ensure that it reflects specifics of the scenario environment that you are working with. As you define the form, provide example data for each part of the request form that would be typical of a change that might be submitted from some specific stakeholder.

Submit your completed exercise as an attachment to this drop box. Please be sure to include your last name and the course number in the title of the MS Word document: “your name X423.8 Assignment 5.”

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