Business proposal

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The project is to choose a LOCAL independent company and determine the effectiveness of its online communication practices. You will analyze its website (overall message, design and visual effect) and its use of social media (channels and methods of communication). You will then offer recommendations based on your analysis.

The final assignment is due towards the end of the semester; however, Assignment 3, as detailed below, is to help you identify the preliminary details of the report.

ASSIGNMENT 3 proposal for final project (3 parts)

Part 1 Choosing your topic for your report

First, identify whether you will be working alone or with a partner.

Second, choose the local, independent business you will analyse and write a well-defined and well-developed:


marks /20

Part 2 Research Plan for your formal report

Your report will be primarily based on secondary sources. Identify where and how you will retrieve information and provide two or three background articles. Remember to evaluate your sources by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is the source valuable?
  • Is it relevant, Is it reliable?
  • Is it accurate and current?

marks /10

Part 3 Tentative/preliminary outline

Write a tentative/preliminary outline developed from your problem and purpose statements to help understand the issues that will be addressed in the report

Marks /20


Please note that this total is calculated based on providing the information listed above, the format, and the structure (grammar and punctuation).

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