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Ibelieve Catherine let LJI identify who she was and what her accounting career was all about. She was taken aback by how the “little” guy does things just to keep the ball rolling. The atmosphere at Fenway and their smaller number of employees did not seem to fall in line with what Catherine was accustomed too because of LJI’s bigger budget and probably bigger clients. At LJI she was able to confirm and maintain her self-verification because it stabilized her self-concept. She did not feel as comfortable demographically at Fenway as she did at LJI.

The social identity theory says that people identify themselves by the groups of people they belong too. Catherine was certainly feeling this while she was LJI. She may have had a preconceived notion of what her career was supposed to be, however, with the addition of a new relationship and moving this took things out of her locus of control.

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