SOCI 200 CURRENT EVENT PAPER INSTRUCTIONS For this paper, you are to write a paper of at least 750 words that relates to 1 of the sociological…

I have been working this topic for over a week and am getting lost. This was due 2/8/2016.  

  Choose a current event article (6 months or less) that addresses a social problem. The article can be from a local newspaper or through an online search such as Yahoo, Google CNN, etc. The article selected cannot be a research article.

The article must relate to 1 of the sociological theories ( symbolic interactionism, class conflict theory, or functional analysis). Any citations used must adhere to current APA format.

Part One: summarize the main points of the event discussed in the article from the sociological perspectives (375WC)

Part two: analyze the main points of the event using 1 of the 3 main sociological theories reviewed (375WC)

I have attempted to do the paper on this article:    But I have had difficulty applying this article to a theory. The article may be changed.

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