What is the importance of maintaining an appropriate diet to better manage symptoms of a specific mental health disorder.

Diet has been an area of focus for many researchers, as it has been theorized to have an assortment of effects on children.

One of the studies I reviewed demonstrated that an elimination diet of rice, turkey, lamb, vegetables, fruits, margarine, vegetable oil, tea, pear juice and water was shown to have a positive impact on behaviors. In fact, 70% of the children in study group demonstrated a 50% reduction in behaviors (Pelsser, 2009). Although this study does not provide conclusive evidence of diet impact, it certainly raises interest.

This study demonstrated some significantly positive results. Based on the information I provided, what limitations do you think the study presents? How could this information be realistically utilized to support children with ADD or ADHD? Is there enough research in this area, and what are the reasons associated with it? What other dietary “treatments” have you read about? What role do the big pharmaceuticals have in this, if any?

Please provide references

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