1. Violence against women. (2016, January). Retrieved August 24, 2016, from http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs239/en/ I chose this


For the final written assignment, you are required to submit a research paper that critically analyzes the selected topic, incorporates course materials, and follows APA-formatting guidelines. The research paper should be proofread to correct all grammatical and citation errors.

As you complete the research paper, assess your assignment.  It should include:

1.      A description of your topic and relevance to the course

  1. Introduction should provide an overview of the paper
  2. Clearly stated research question

2.  The background, current, and future issues related to your topic (if applicable)

a.     Explain the background/history of the topic.  What events, laws, policies, etc. have been related to the topic?

b.    How do these factors describe why your topic is an important social issue today?

c.    What are the current policies, debates, controversies, etc. related to the topic?

d.    How does the topic affect contemporary society?

e.   What social change do you predict will occur in relation to this topic in the future?

2.  The course materials and social theories that relate to your topic.

a.   Integrate sociological theories in analysis of topic

b.  How does your topic relate to the course and readings?

c.  Include specific references to course materials and other sources in analysis (include APA-formatted in-text citations

3.  Critical analysis of topic

                  a.   Provide in-depth analysis of the topic

                  b.   Discuss the relationship between gender and your selected topic

                  c.   Provide a conclusion with summary of findings and address related future research options

Instructions for assignment:

  1. Paper should be 10+ pages in length, not including the title page & references
  2. Follow APA-formatting guidelines
  3. Include a References page.
  4. Incorporate instructor feedback from previous writing assignments.
  5. Include section headings where needed
  6. Submit your paper no later than Sunday at 11:55 pm of Week Seven.
  7. Review assignment before submitting for spelling, sentence structure, and grammatical errors.
  8. Paper should be written in your own words (include proper APA-formatted citations for any referenced materials).

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