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Digital current events

Due: February 26,2017


o   Demonstrate knowledge of news articles from electronic sources related to contemporary issues in U.S. K-12 urban education (NOT college or university level). It should be about some educational policy, either national, statewide, or local.

o   Write a critical response, in prose format, (2 pages, DOUBLE SPACED, 1” MARGINS, FOOTER).  There is no need for a title or header as your name, class, assignment are in already in footer (see below).

o   Sample Sources: (NOT Huffington Post, opinion pages, or blogs)

▪     Newspapers: www.boston.com; www.chicagotribune.com; www.csmonitor.com; www.latimes.com; baltimoresun.com

▪     www.nytimes.com; www.sunspot.net; www.washingtonpost.com

▪     Magazines: Newsweek, Time, US News, etc.

▪     Other:  www.ap.org; www.bbc.co.uk; www.cnn.com; www.npr.org

Refer to Rubric Below:

o   Did you reference the article specifically? Use quotes from the article?

o   Analyze the article in terms of the author’s critical thinking.

▪     Who wrote the article and why? Multiple perspectives?

▪     Statistics? What information or perspective is missing?

▪     This paper should be on US K-12 urban education, should be 2 page critical analysis of the “Article” used validated the source

o   Did you make connections and references to the class readings?

o   Did you provide YOUR opinion on the event?

o   Always provide footer in THIS FORMAT:

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