danger of ai 2

Assignment 3

Continue to research your topic. In particular, find & discuss three new sources.

  1. Find a micro-source. A micro-source is a regular person who has an opinion about your topic. Micro-sources can be posts from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) or comments from people you know and interview.
    1. For your micro-source, answer these questions:
      1. Who is your source?
      2. What do they believe?
      3. Why do they believe this?
      4. Do you think they are a knowledgeable or reliable source? Why or why not?
  2. Find a multimedia source. A multimedia source is a non-textual document that addresses your topic. It might be a TedTalk, YouTube video, podcast, TV show episode, movie, song, etc.
    1. For your multimedia source, answer these questions:
      1. What is your source? Who made it? How did you find it?
      2. What does your source reveal about your topic? In other words, how does this source help answer your research question?
  3. Find an academic source. An academic source is scientific research published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Academic sources can be found via Google Scholar.
    1. For your academic source, provide a proper IEEE citation, and answer these questions in your own words:
      1. What is the research question this study addresses?
      2. What methodology is used?
      3. What are the findings?
      4. How do these findings help answer your research question?

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