social research and statistics Discussion Question

Max Points: 5.0

If you were asked to conceptualize the variable airline safety, (a) what would be your answer? (b) How would you operationalize airline safety? You may either come up with a better conceptualization and operational definition of airline safety or you can critique those of your classmates who have already proposed their conceptualization and operational definitions of the term. (c) How is it possible that a single airline could be considered both the safest and the most dangerous in a single year, depending on the conceptualization and operationalization of the term safe?

does not need APA format and no specific word count

Conceptualization is the process of clarifying just what we mean by a concept. This process usually involves providing a theoretical or conceptual definition of the concept. Such a definition describes the concept through other concepts.

operationalization- the process of specifying what particular indicator(s) one will use for a variable.

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