adverse impacts to public agencies

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With the world’s financial markets in a downward spiral (at least, as of this writing), it is entirely possible budgetary projections from previous years might be way off. For instance, if property values decline, local governments (which depend heavily on property taxes) may struggle, as the amount of tax collected is directly contingent on the value of the land. This could have a domino effect as school budgets would suffer, etc.


INSTRUCTIONS: This module requires each student to search the Internet for unique stories that will help us to better anticipate adverse impacts to public agencies. While the first module helped us to learn of the problem, this one focuses on how it might affect those agencies for which we work or aspire to work.

Again, I ask you to find a story that best illustrates how an agency or field in the public sector is being affected (…or how it is anticipated it may be affected in the near future) and then pick a module theme from the first half of the semester (e.g. Accounting, Budgeting, Major Tax Structures, etc.) to use as your perspective.

Similar to the first module, once you find a good source story I want you to share it with your colleagues by posting it to this discussion forum. Your post can include video, still images, or mere text. As you can see by the RUBRIC I have allowed considerable leeway, so as not to overly stifle your creativity. One thing your post must include, however, is how it ties in with one or more of our previously-studies fiscal management subjects. As an added bonus (i.e. for Top Marks!) you can include some ideas about what to do as a remedy, etc. Lastly, as the rubric dictates, you need to respond to AT LEAST FIVE OTHER POSTS.

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