online reputation

Research the internet for “Reputation Economy” and explain in two or three paragraphs what it is and how companies are using it. Then analyze your online activity.

In your own words, create and describe a personal brand for yourself. Then, look at your personal social media profiles and online activity and do the following:

  • Create a personal image statement of no more than one sentence. Look on the internet for sample statements to get an idea, but don’t copy any, come up with your own.
  • Identify and list any content on your profile(s), such as comments, pictures, connections, communities/groups you belong to, etc. that do not match your brand.
  • Clean up what you identified does not match your personal brand/image.
  • Add content that complements your personal brand/image.
  • Identify adds or sites you go to regularly and list those that you should stop visiting.

Your paper should be about two page long. Please follow the writing requirements on Canvas or use MLA format.

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