Earn up to 10 points by watching the following video TWICE (!) and answering the questions that follow.

Answer the following questions about the videos:

  • Early in the film, the white woman says “You’re making me miss my train” to a black man who has kindly bent over to help her pick up something that she dropped.  Why do you think she spoke to him in the tone that she did?  Would she have spoken to a white man in the same manner, in your opinion?
  • When you first watched “The Lunch Date,” what did you initially think about the black man at the diner?  How did you perceive his behavior?  Did you perceive him as doing anything ‘wrong?’   
  • When you first watched “The Lunch Date,” what did you initially think about the white woman at the diner?  How did you perceive her behavior?  Did you perceive her as doing anything ‘wrong?’ 
  • Why does the white woman laugh when she discovered her mistake?  Is it funny?  Do you think the black man would find it funny?
  • Did your perception of the black man and white woman change at the end of the film short?  If so, how so?  If not, why not?
  • When re-watching “The Lunch Date” for the second time, the viewer is more likely to see things from the Black man’s perspective.  Now that you can, what did he likely think about the white woman?  Why do you think he bought a cup of coffee for the woman?
  • Do you think that the white woman was aware of the fact that she was stereotyping others (while she was doing it)?
  • Do you think most people “know” when they are stereotyping others, or do they just do it unconsciously, without thinking?  And if stereotyping happens unconsciously, then what can we do to eliminate it?
  • What does this film teach us about stereotyping and its impact on our interactions with others?

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