report analysis for a piece of evidence

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this is an analysis that a forensic detective takes to court to report the findings on a piece of evidence, my piece of evidence was a glass chip, I analyzed the results using the mecke method. I will attach my results, what I want from you is to read the instructions below and do as it says. I will use this report in the testimony. write about history of the mecke method use in court and how credible it is in forensic evidence. also get the conclusion from the attached document. include the evidence number and the location and the magnification in the report.

(The report of your analysis will include all the relevant data about where the piece(s) of evidence originated, what analysis you performed on it, and what conclusions were reached about it in reference to the crime scene that you worked.

This report will serve to inform the lawyers, judge(s), and jury about your evidence, as you are preparing to enter it in as an exhibit in the moot court trial. You will want to make it as detailed and accurate as possible, because it will also serve you as the primary script and point of reference to guide your testimony as an expert witness. If you want/need to refresh your memory while on the witness stand, under either direct or cross-examination, your report will be your best friend/or worst enemy)

this is not an essay. (4 pages)

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