herbal dietary supplement evaluation worksheet

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NUTR 221 Herbal Dietary Supplement Evaluation Worksheet

Extra Credit Assignment (10 pts) Due April 9th

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate an herbal dietary supplement and explore what you can find out about the supplement’s herbal ingredient(s) and claims.

1.Select one herbal dietary supplement to evaluate. Use the actual label of the herbal dietary supplement or label information about the herbal dietary supplement that is posted on the internet.

  • Name of Herbal Dietary Supplement:
  • Reason(s) you chose to analyze the herbal dietary supplement:

2.Analyze the herbal dietary supplement using the information from the label.

  • What Claim(s) are listed. (For example, supports a healthy immune system, provides nutritional support, etc.)
  • Does the supplement label list the required Dietary Supplement Disclaimer statement? ___Yes____No
  • Was there a Quality Verification Symbol displayed?___ Yes ____No(Examples: USP, NSF, Consumer Labs)

List all Claims:

“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.”

Why is it important for the consumer to look for this type of verification on herbal dietary supplements?

3.Choose one herbal ingredient from the label for further evaluation.

Name of Herbal Ingredient:

Go to one of the following professional websites to research facts about this herbal ingredient. If the herbal ingredient is not listed, select a different herbal ingredient from the original herbal dietary supplement ingredient list.

Outline the facts your found about the herbal ingredient:

Outline Background or Purported Use (Claim) for the Herb:

What Clinical or Research Studies have been conducted with this herb?

What potential concern(s) were identified for this herb?

4.Would you take the herbal dietary supplement? Explain.


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