how would a company collect and store basic knowledge

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Scenario: Inga Swanson was one of the first employees Dwight and Ike hired. She runs the customer relations department and now the online returns and rewards programs as well. Recently she has gone to Dwight and Ike with the idea that her commitments to the web store are getting so demanding that she needs help in several areas. She wants to hire people to take over the customer relations department and online returns so she can focus on the web store and move into a marketing role. She thinks that Dwight and Ike should consider this move for two important reasons; better decision making and should anything happen to her the whole online and customer relations departments would shut down. Ike agreed immediately and Dwight was right behind him. The problem Dwight realized almost immediately was how would the transition work with all that knowledge in Inga’s head? and all the tools she uses to measure her marketing goals etc. How can we make good decisions without them?

Dwight wants you to look at the idea of collecting and storing the knowledge Inga and the others have in the business. Complete a brief 4-page memo outlining the steps a manager might take to make the transition go smoothly. In the outline include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Explain how to capture, collect, and store knowledge for the company.
  3. Explain how these actions will affect performance in the company.
  4. Describe how you go about collecting knowledge from Inge.
  5. Explain how the knowledge will affect the hiring decisions for the new departments or should it be teams?
  6. Explain how it could affect Inga’s new role.
  7. APA format. Use only the references provided.

Thank you.

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