for miss professor only

  • Institution Description: This should be approximately one Microsoft Word page long. In it, you will address the following questions: Is the institution a community college, private or public liberal arts college, research university, proprietary university, career college, etc.? What is the scope of the degree programs offered? How many? What general kinds? What is your mission statement?
  • Rationale for the Proposed Program: This topic is about 1 to 2 Microsoft Word pages long. Consider your mission and the forces, internal and external, from the readings and research, which impact your curriculum decision. Explain in your uploaded files to the unit’s Social Media area which forces you considered when making your recommendation. For example, if a Health Care Administration program would fit with the mission of the institution, and you found that the labor market trends suggest this would be a field that is in demand for the next 10 to 20 years, you would explain that in the paper and justify your thinking for this new curriculum. Be sure this component is research based. If you are developing an online or hybrid program, are there any requirements for online programs? How will these impact your plans?

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