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Marketing Observation Project – Alternative

If you didn’t get a chance to visit an approved mall in the Lower Mainland to observe real-live marketing and customer interaction or you wish to approach the assignment differently, this is an alternative option.

Background: Read the Article: 9 Case Studies that Prove Experiential Retail is The Future.


Pay attention to the second to last section of the article titled: How to Provide Retailtainment that Drive Traffic and Sales.

Assignment: Developing a Marketing Plan outline for a new “retailtainment” mall.

You have been hired by a group of investors that want to build a mall for the future, based on the outlined principles and examples in the article. They feel it is important that you work through the Marketing Planning Steps to develop a Marketing Plan that outlines your approach for the mall.

For each of the Marketing Plan steps, recommend how you would propose to develop the future mall. (Use the following headers for each section of your report)

A. Your vision of the mall – outline how your mall would “retailtain” future shoppers

B. Step 1: Business, Mission and Objective

C. Step 2: Situation Analysis

D. Step 3: Identify Opportunities (STP)

E. Step 4: Implement the Marketing Mix (4 Ps)

F. Step 5: Evaluate Performance.

G. Summary: what would make this future mall successful.


For each section be specific with your recommendations. A simple “general” answer or a “textbook” response will get a zero grade. Feel free to be creative and do some additional research on why some malls and retailers are successful today and consider incorporating them into your recommendations. Also think about your own mall experience and how would you like it to improve? What would make it engage more with the store/brand? What would increase your loyalty?


Submit via Moodle-PDF format/single spaced, 11 pt. font-APA formatting) 1200-1500 words max – proper spelling, grammar and paragraph structure required.

Follow APA formatting style- Provide a cover page and an appendix for any reference material or sources of information. You are welcome to include images in the appendix to support your vision and plan, if that helps.

Source: The Storefront.com(2020) 9 Case Studies That Prove Experiential Retail is The Future. Retrieved from: https://www.thestorefront.com/mag/7-case-studies-p…


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