please answer below questions 2

1. Explain “workforce diversity.” What key managerial skill do you think is most important when dealing with workforce diversity? 2. Discuss discrimination. 3. Explain the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. 4. Explain how stress affects emotions and moods. 5. What are values? 6. Discuss four shortcuts used in judging others. 7. What is self-efficacy? 8. What is employee involvement and why is it important? What are the two major forms of employee involvement? 9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of group decisions as compared to individual decisions. 10. What is team efficacy? What can management do to increase team efficacy? Requirements: – Please make sure to use headings for your responses and/or number the questions appropriately – Please make sure to answer each question not less than 150 words – Please make sure to include a separate title and reference page.

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