food analysis 1

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Food analysis: You will be required to complete a week’s of intake journaling: week 9 or 10. You will be required to analyze your intake using any diet analysis tool for this week. Take a look at the nutritional goals you set after week 3/4’s analysis.

You may use any free diet analysis tool you like: phone apps or online tools, such as,,, or,.

Complete a 1-2 page refection paper due week 11 to address and compare your before and after results (15 points for each week analysis and 15 points for your reflection paper, for a total of 60 points). The reflection paper must contain the following:

  • Student will analyze and prepare a 7-day diet using a computer nutritional program and make modifications towards a nutrient rich diet.
  • Week 11 should include:
    • Student will analyze his/her diet based on principles of Choose My Plate, Dietary Guidelines, and the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)
    • Evaluate your analysis results.
    • Did you meet your nutritional goals?
    • Come up with a summary of your overall progress throughout the process.
    • Look at differences between your before/after
    • Complete a 1-2 page reflection (turn this in for 15 points).

Please DO NOT turn in any pictures from your phone unless they have been neatly put into a word document. There should only be one document for me to open for this assignment. If you turn in multiple files, I will only grade the first one and all others will be discarded.

Week 11: Due week 11 on Wednesday before midnight– printed food analysis (includes daily intake, daily totals of nutrients, and week summary percentage charts) and baseline 1-2 page reflection paper based on your before/after findings.

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