how historically accurate is i claudius

Once you have watched Episodes 5-13 of “I, Claudius” and read the four Wikipedia articles (on “Tiberius, “Caligula,” “Claudius,” and “Nero,” write an essay in reply to the following question:

How historically accurate is “I, Claudius”? Support your answer with evidence from the assigned episodes in the TV show and the assigned Wikipedia articles. Compare the episodes to the article and talk about what is accurate and what is not accurate in the episodes.

You do not have to watch all the episodes, you can skim until you have enough to compare and talk about for 6 pages.

Length: 6 pages

APA format

Source for the episodes:

“Ch. 4 – Poison is Queen” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E05”]

“Ch. 5 – Some Justice” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E06”]

“Ch. 6 – Queen of Heaven” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E07”]

“Ch. 7 – Reign of Terror” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E08”]

“Ch. 8 – Zeus, By Jove!” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E09”]

“Ch. 9 – Hail Who?” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E10”] THEO 2291 Instructional Plan 3/23/20 – p.2 of 5

“Ch. 10 – Fool’s Luck” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E11”]

“Ch. 11 – A God in Colchester” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E12”]

“Ch. 12 – Old King Log” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E13”]

Sources for the Wikipedia articles:

• “Tiberius”:

• “Caligula”:

• “Claudius”:

• “Nero”:

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