compensation and benefits 23

student will download and read 10 journal papers related to CLO3 and CLO4 in consultation with the course instructor. The articles should cover both CLOs. It is preferable to read five papers for each CLO. After reading the papers, the student should prepare a PowerPoint presentation that summarize his/her reading. The outline of the presentation should be as follows.

Part 1: CLO 3

1.Introduction to part 1

2.Healthcare benefits offered by organizations: A summary

3.Evaluation of the relevance of healthcare benefits

4.Types of retirement plans offered by organizations

5.Evaluation of the relevance of retirement plans

6.Conclusion of part 1

Part 2 of the presentation: CLO 4

1.Introduction to part 2

2.Summary of HR analytics in compensation

3.Importance and benefits of using HR analytics in compensation

4.Analysis of key three Compensation and Benefits Analytics

5.Conclusion of part 2

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