assignment job analysis and recruitment strategy 1

Job Analysis and Recruitment Strategy

This Assignment addresses the following Course Outcome (s):

PS544-01: Apply theoretical paradigms to job analysis and evaluation.

The Job Analysis serves as the cornerstone of Human Resource Management (HRM). It provides the information necessary for organizing work in ways that allow employees to be both productive and satisfied. A job analysis is used by HRM professionals in meeting the demands of the organization’s talent needs and validates those needs against legal requirements. It also an important tool for designing new jobs or redesigning current jobs to meet the strategic goals of the organization.

Upon completion, the job analysis helps to provide a clear job description. It yields critical information about the relationship between job duties, KSAO’s, and the organizational requirements for the job. It is also helpful in narrowing the gap between what the manager’s view of the job and the incumbents view. Ultimately, the job analysis is a tool that is used for planning and success of all HRM functions. It also provides the foundation for developing a recruitment strategy and selection plan for a specific job.

For this Assignment, you will conduct a job analysis, write a job description, develop a recruitment strategy, and summarize the entire process in a final report.

The Job Analysis

  1. You will first contact (via email or in person) a manager or supervisor from you place of employment, or other organization you are familiar with (work, school, church, etc.). Introduce yourself and discuss the importance of the job analysis to an organizations success. With the assistance of that manager, select a job to conduct the analysis.
  2. Based upon a job you select from your place of employment not your own, you will choose one (or more) of the four methods of data collection (as defined in Chapter 6 of the text) and collect critical information about the job. You may utilize research additional information from internal organizational or academic sources to support your analysis (similar job descriptions, alternate analysis methods, etc.). Do not attempt one of the advanced quantitative methods, as it will take more time and resources beyond the scope of this course. Be sure to choose an actual job that exists within the organization where you have access to the incumbents. You should collect data from a minimum of two people, one being a supervisor and the others will be the incumbents of that job.
  3. You will then analyze that data to determine the key knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAO’s) that are required to perform this job family. From that analysis, you will prioritize those skills in order of importance for successful performance and linkage the strategic plan of the organization.

The Job Description

You will use your job analysis to write a job description or job specification for that job. Use the formats provided in Chapter 6.

The Recruitment Strategy

  1. Based upon the methods described in Chapter 7, describe your strategy for recruiting for this specific job specification. The purpose is to describe how you would contact enough potential applicants.
  2. Make sure to include any relevant internal and external methods. The recruitment method should be cost effective in addition to reaching the right market.

Assignment Directions

You will summarize your procedure and analysis in a report paper that will include these elements in the following format:

  1. Executive Summary – Provide a summary of the organizations purpose, strategic focus, and products or services. You may include an organizational chart if it helps to understand the structure. In addition, you will detail your contact experience with the organization and supervisor and your decision process to select a job for analysis. Include a discussion of how the task of job analysis was explained to both supervisors and the job incumbent.
  2. Job Analysis Procedures – Detail the procedures used for your job analysis including the data collection method. Provide a justification for choosing your specific procedure. Include a copy of any tools and instruments (questionnaire, interview protocols, etc.) that you use to collect the data as an attachment.
  3. Job Description – Detail the results of your job analysis and write a complete job description for that job using the exemplar on page 169 of your text (Exhibit 6-7). Please attach the actual job specification document as an attachment in the appendix.
  4. Recruitment Strategy – Summarize a plan for how the job description can be used to recruit and market the job in order to get qualified applicants. Detail all marketing sources that are relevant to the job type and organization.
  5. References – List any references used for your analysis including the sources of data. You may use additional academic sources with no minimum number of references required.
  6. Appendix – List all supporting documents, including your job specification, questionnaires, survey instruments, and other charts and graphs.

Length: 7–10 pages, including cover page, reference page, and appendices.

The Assignment should:

  • Follow Assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results).
  • Be composed in MS Word.
  • Use correct APA formatting per the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition.
  • Demonstrate graduate level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.
  • Be written in Standard American English and be clear, specific, and error-free. If needed, be sure to use the Writing Center for help.

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