2 literary analysis paragraphs 1

You need to read the two readings and answer the two questions(250- 400 words each question). the first reading is poem, and the second reading is a 11 pages long drama play. Please read the Rubrics very carefully, I am looking for a high quality work. But try to use simple words, English is not my first language. Please let me know if you have any question. Thanks.

  1. What does Jacob Saenz’s “Evolution of My Block”(2010) suggest about the ways in which race, class, or other social factors intersect with gender in producing the human experience? What seems to be the work’s attitude toward the intersections that it portrays? That is, how does the work want us to think and feel about masculinity in the context of race, class, or age, etc.?
  2. What does Anton Chekhov’s The Brute: A Joke in One Act (1888) reveal about the operations (socially, politically, psychologically) of heteronormativity or heterosexism (i.e., heteronormative ideology)? Does the work critique, celebrate, or blindly accept heteronormative values?

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