Measuring Crime and Victimization

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Consider the following scenario:

John Mathews drove while intoxicated and caused an accident. An elderly couple was seriously injured in the wreck. The couple was hospitalized for several weeks, and was in physical therapy for one year after the incident. John however had received only minor injuries.

John has a previous history of drunk driving. He had joined the alcoholic anonymous groups to get over alcoholism but that has been of no help. After leaving the group, he again went back to drinking. He has earlier been involved in drunken driving accidents and has been on probation for causing these accidents and causing injury to people.

  • What would be the fair criminal justice sentence to John and why? Be objective and consider the rights of the elderly victims in this case.
  • Conduct research to ascertain the recidivism rates for drinking and driving. Also, find out how many people are killed each year by drinking and driving. Are the current laws effective or should they be modified? What changes to the laws would you make?
  • What are the financial and psychological impacts of victims in these types of cases? What are the financial and psychological impacts for the family members of the victims?
  • Discuss key issues in objectivity through the analysis of the case scenario. Should a victimologist with a minor history of drug or alcohol abuse be asked to evaluate the victims in this case? Why? Support your rationale with examples or situations that you have experienced in real life.

Submit your answers in 2–3 pages Microsoft Word document.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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