BEHS103 Quiz 5 2016 (10/10)

QuestionQuiz 5Question 1 The scientist who was known for his meticulous and precise procedures in the laboratory was:RöntgenListerPasteurKochQuestion 2 All but which of the following are famous for advocating that better health is possible by decreasing the spread of germs?Ignaz SemmelweissJoseph ListerEdward JennerFlorence NightingaleQuestion 3 Which disease prompted flour producers to enrich flour with niacin?smallpoxpellagracholeraanthraxQuestion 4 The rate of motor vehicle accidents has risen dramatically since 1925 due to the steady and significant increase in the total number of drivers and motor vehicles.TrueFalseQuestion 5 Which is a disadvantage of having health information (e.g. WebMD, Medicine.Net) so readily available to the public?People tend to believe they are seriously ill when they are notPhysicians feel that the Internet undermines their authority and expertiseSome consumers of medical websites become preoccupied with their symptoms and spend a great deal of time looking up their symptoms in an a condition called “cyberchondriasis”All of the aboveQuestion 6 The Health Care System consists of which of the following components?PhysiciansPolicy makersInsurance CompaniesAll of the aboveQuestion 7 The average per capita healthcare costs in the US are just slightly above the per capita costs for the rest of the world.TrueFalseQuestion 8 Which group of people is most likely to declare bankruptcy because they are uninsured and unable to pay the high cost of medical bills?rich peopleolder adultsworking class familiespoor peopleQuestion 9 Which of the following statements about longevity is true?Life expectancy has increased by more than 3 decades since 1900The average life span of Americans today is about 80 yearsLife expectancy is unlikely to increase in the coming yearsall of the aboveQuestion 10 People who live to be at least 100 years old are called 

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