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You have a lot of good ideas here but it feels like a brainstorm for your whole essay, not a single paragraph.

For instance, from this paragraph, it feels like your thesis is as follows:

Sports drinks are crucial for an athlete’s performance because they maintain hydration, improve focus and assist in recovery.

So the ideas in bold tell us your plan – one paragraph on hydration, a second one on focus and a third on recovery.

We can use some of what you’ve written to help you create our first body paragraph. It might read something like this (and you will need to add in the research to prove it.)

One of the most important ways sports drinks boost athletes’ performance is by keeping them hydrated. Body hydration is key during sports to maintain energy and strength. Sport drinks can help you so much because they contain a lot of electrolytes which is essential to muscle function. (INSERT QUOTE ABOUT IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING ELECTROLYTES FOR MUSCLES). You need muscle strength to keep that momentum up and help you

defeat your opponent. Further, sport drinks also are good for quenching your thirst so that you don’t pass out. (INSERT QUOTE ABOUT EFFECTS OF DEHYDRATION ON ATHLETES HERE.)

So that’s a beginning. Use the discussions to ask for some more help as the essay is due next week.

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