linkedin review assignment

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In this module we’ve talked about the importance of building a strong brand to help you move forward professionally. Now that you have a brand in place, does your social media reflect the same message? One of the ways to ensure your brand speaks well to your professional aspirations and talents is to have a strong social media presence. It is always good to practice reflection and regularly update your LinkedIn profile.

For this assignment you will update your LinkedIn profile and write a one-page memo outlining your thought processes and actions. See below for steps to take and questions to answer to successfully complete the assignment. (Please note that you do not need to publish the Linkedin, but please still go through the branding exercise. Think about this as someone asking you to write a bio. **I personally don’t have my Linkedin public due to some employers putting limits on social media so I am understanding to your professional situation)


  • Step 1: After discussing and sharing your brand, revise your brand statement, if you wish.
    • What was your brand originally and how did you amend it?
  • Step 2: Post a new LinkedIn Heading statement
    • How does the new heading connect with your brand?
  • Step 3: Review or write a summary statement. Your summary should reflect your goals, experiences, work ethic, and personal business philosophies. Share your summary.
    • What specific aspects of class lecture, readings and discussion influenced the decisions you made toward amending your LinkedIn page? This is an important step to getting full credit.
    • How does it connect with your brand?

    Points to Consider

    • Skills—Do these help confirm your brand or challenge it?
    • Associations—Do these help confirm your brand or challenge it?
    • Recommendation/Endorsements—Do these help confirm your brand or challenge it?


    • Memos must be 12-point, Times New Roman font and double spaced. Remember that document design is important in crafting a document. Think about the layout.
    • Take a screenshot of your old and new LinkedIn profile page and submit it as part of the memo.
      • The screenshot will not count toward your page requirement.
    • Memos should be uploaded by the due date to receive full credit.

    Note:- My brand is Hilton. and my updated LinkedIn profile link is

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