probation and parole 7

Module 3: Chapter 8 Critical Thinking Question

Read Chapter 8 of the Abadinsky textbook. Then answer the questions below in the Canvass forum created by the instructor.

Another controversy in probation and parole is whether probation and parole officers should have arrest powers. Some jurisdictions give their probation and parole officers the ability to exercise powers of arrest, while other jurisdictions do not. In the latter jurisdictions, if they catch a probationer or parolee engaging in illegal activity, they must enlist the services of local law enforcement agents to effect an arrest.


  1. As delineated in your text, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of probation and parole officers having arrest powers
  2. What is your textbook author’s view on whether probation/parole officers should be allowed to have arrest powers?
  3. If you were in charge of setting the policy for a state, what policy would you write into law: allow probation/parole officers to have arrest powers or prohibit probation/parole officers from having arrest powers? Explain the basis for your position.

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