Melania Trump

For this assignment, you will write a 500-word (2 pages) paper that furthers our discussion about first lady Melania Trump. 

In class, we discussed how Michelle Obama’s image was revamped during the 2008 campaign, and how intersectionality can help us understand what happened. We also addressed some of the controversies surrounding Melania Trump aspects of her identity, including her nationality, sexuality, class, and her generational difference from her husband. What could Melania do to challenge the criticisms leveled at her? For this paper, you will give a strategy that you think would improve Melania’s standing among her critics.

You will need to identify some issues that you want to address, and explain how you would address them. Would you change her attire, have her do certain kinds of public appearances? Your strategy must have at least two parts. That is, two different things you would do to change public perception of her.  

It should be abundantly clear that your analysis is based on course concepts. A ‘generic’ paper that doesn’t seem to come from MAC 212 will receive a poor grade.

If you need to consult outside sources in order to do the assignment, then do so. Do not clutter your paper with quotes. You can briefly paraphrase. Be sure to cite your sources. This is NOT a research paper. Papers that are solely recaps of Melania’s life or criticisms about her will receive a failing grade. Your job here is to come up with a public relations strategy. 

This paper is due Friday, March 17 at the time that class starts. You will upload your paper to Canvas. Unless I have given you prior permission, I will not accept hard copies of this assignment.

Late papers will be accepted with a penalty of 5 points after the deadline and for each day afterward, including weekends.


You may consult the rubric in Response Paper #1 to remind you of what I expect. Please note that this is a holistic rubric. That means that it is not a strict point system. A ‘B’ paper may have traits from more than one category. For example, a student may do very well with focus and details but have problems with voice, and still end up with a B.


You must use a .doc or .docx file. Do not use a .pdf file.

This paper must be at least 400 words long. The paper must have your name, the name of the assignment (“Response Paper 1”) and your course number (for example: MAC 212B). Do not create a cover sheet.

Times New Roman or Arial font is preferred. Double-spacing is preferred.

Below are links to some articles about Melania Trump. You do not have to use these sources. However, cite any sources you do use. The sources for these articles are from various political viewpoints. Some are news stories, and some are opinion pieces. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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