analyzing communication ethics

One of President Obama’s first acts in office was to initiate the closing of the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay.One factor underlying this action was concern about the tactics allegedly being used to get information from knownterrorists and prisoners. Many human rights organizations have objected to the use of torture to obtain informationfrom prisoners. The Council on Foreign Relations has published the following website on the use of torture andinterrogation techniques: How does the information contained on thiswebpage shape your opinion about the use of torture as an influence strategy to obtain information?

using the above information and website. 4 pages double spaced

Conflicts are continually unfolding all around you in your community. Perhaps there is a contentious issue dividingyour local school board, a controversy about campus expansion, or a disagreement between a big landlord andyour city government. Identify a conflict going on in your community and gather together newspaper articles andpublic relations about it. As you review the information in these accounts, look for attribution biases, expressionsof power, and the types of language that tend to escalate conflict. Based on your analysis, what ethical standardswere and were not met as the parties involved communicated about the conflict?

using the above information, 4 pages double spaced.

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